Hunting Cameroon

Cameroon is located on the west coast of Africa. The country offers a safe and secure location for the international trophy hunter. There are two distinct hunting zones in Cameroon; the savannah in the north and the rainforest in the south. Cameroon is a must for all serious trophy hunters in pursuit of unique and exceptional species.

Rainforest hunts offer clients the chance to hunt the elusive forest dwelling Bongo ,forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, and a variety of duiker species . Hunting in the rainforest with the Baka trackers who have an intimate knowledge of the forest is a truly unique experience unlike any other African safari.

The northern savannah areas of Cameroon are dry and hot. The most sought after species in the north is the Giant or Lord Derby Eland. Hunting the savannah is more typical of hunts elsewhere in Africa.

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